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A Paralympian And A Bhangra Artist Just Proved The Yukon Is The Ideal Place For Dancing

The friends said they want to normalize different bodies and cultures.

Nothing to see here, just two friends dancing the day away.

Gurdeep Pandher and Stephanie Dixon have raked in a million views on Facebook with a video of the two of them Bhangra dancing through gorgeous Yukon scenery.

Both Whitehorse residents, Pandher is an author and Bhangra artist, while Dixon is a Paralympian with 19 medals and world records under her belt.

In January, Pandher turned the mayor of Whitehorse into a viral sensation when he taught him how to dance Bhangra and tie a turban.

Bhangra, a traditional dance from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan, is often performed in honour an event or season.

Pandher and Dixon made the video to celebrate their friendship, Pandher told HuffPost Canada in an email. They wanted to encourage people to look past differences.

"Let's start seeing people as people," Pandher wrote on Facebook. "Let's stop putting them into different classes. Any kind of classification, whether it is racial, cultural, lingual, orientational, or related to our bodies is wrong. If someone looks different than yourself, it should be just normal."

Dixon added that she wants to normalize different bodies and cultures.

"Different doesn't mean less than."

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