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New Parent Salary Calculator Will Make You Feel Woefully Underpaid

Data from Funky Pigeon shows Canadian parents could be earning six figures.

Sure, being a parent is priceless, but damn it would be nice to be paid.

Between the cooking, cleaning, driving, and just general keeping your child alive duties, raising small humans is a job. And as it turns out, a pretty lucrative one, if we were actually being paid for our services.

The average Canadian stay-at-home parent would earn $325,753.82 per year according to Funky Pigeon. This is based on the hourly rates from 670 locations in Canada for the following jobs: a chef, cleaner, laundry, nurse, personal assistant, psychologist, taxi driver and teacher.

Anyone else suddenly feeling very seen?

WATCH: Moms spend 100 hours/week on mom jobs. Story continues below.

Montreal stay-at-home parents would rake it in at $368,793.60 per year, followed by:

  • Toronto ($348,844.80)
  • Vancouver ($340,320)
  • Calgary ($338,745.60)
  • Niagara-on-the-lake ($321,504)
  • Quebec City ($317,203.20)
  • Winnipeg ($314,880)
  • Saskatoon ($307,987.20)
  • Moncton ($288,768)

For some perspective, the average CEO salary in Canada is $173K, according to So yeah, we’re basically CEOs with worse hours and tyrannical child bosses.

Funky Pigeon used data from to get the salary figures, and turned it all into a handy Parent Salary Calculator.

And the tool isn’t just for stay-at-home parents. Feel free to calculate what you’d earn if you were paid for parenting in your “free time” outside your current job, and bask in the justification of your constant burnout. For instance, a working mom in Ottawa might earn $92K as a parent.

If only parents got paid for parenting.
If only parents got paid for parenting.

This calculator is just the latest in a slew of research showing just how exhausting parenting can be. A recent survey found parents spend 10 hours/week just trying to get their kids out the door each morning. In May, another study found that moms spend about 100 hours per week on “mom jobs” (like cooking and planning meals).

And in February, a study found that new parents face up to six years of sleep deprivation (Luckily, we have some tips for you on how to survive that).

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