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Patrick Brazeau's Twitter Account, @TheBrazman, Goes Offline Amid Charges Against Senator


Searches for Brazeau's Twitter handle, @TheBrazman, yield a message suggesting the account no longer exists.

But that's not the only change to the 38-year-old senator's virtual presence. His Senate biography now has him sitting as an independent, which isn't much of a shock since Brazeau was kicked out of the Tory Caucus on Thursday.

Brazeau is still listed as a member of the aboriginal peoples and human rights committees on his personal website, but his name doesn't show up on pages listing committee members, according to The Tyee.

Brazeau has also been erased on the website of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, which the senator ran before being appointed to the upper chamber.

Brazeau, who has long been an avid Twitter user, has gotten in trouble on the social network before. This is not the first time his account has gone offline.

Earlier this month, Brazeau used a tweet to accuse CTV's Robert Fife of racism against First Nations members.

Brazeau hasn't lost all his Twitter spats though. Last month, the Twitter account of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence called Brazeau a "typical colonized indian asshole," a message which was deleted soon after and blamed on an unidentified member of Spence's camp. Brazeau did not get drawn into a battle with Spence online, instead posting a measured response on HuffPost Canada.

But the public relations victory didn't last. During a speech at a Tory fundraiser roughly a week later, Brazeau suggested Spence gained weight while on her hunger protest, a move which didn't win him many new fans.

Whether the deactivation of his Twitter account is a sign such gestures are behind Brazeau remains to be seen. But for now, we'll have to look to what the senator says, rather than what he tweets, to find out.

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