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Patrick Brazeau's Twitter Account, @TheBrazman, Is Back Online

The Brazman's Back

After going offline for 11 days, Senator Patrick Brazeau's Twitter account, @TheBrazman, appears to be active again.

The account was revived Thursday evening with this:

It's the first stanza of the poem "Wounded But Not Slain," often attributed to English poet John Dryden:

I'm wounded not, but I'm not slain,

I'm bruised and faint they say,

Just let me lie and bleed awhile;

I'll not be long this way.

Brazeau's Twitter account went offline after he was arrested and charged with assault and sexual assault on Feb. 8. He has been put on leave from the Senate.

The senator's history on Twitter is checkered. His account also went offline last year after suggesting Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn was a bitch.

Some Twitter users were skeptical that this was really the return of Brazeau, or just a hacker with a penchant for poetry. Either way, many users expressed revulsion about the nature of the quote given the charges against the senator.

See some of the reaction below:

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