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Paulina Gretzky GIFs Win The Internet

Paulina Gretzky comes in many forms: an Instagram superstar, a controversial magazine cover gal, a wannabe singer, a golfer-in-training and the most famous bikini babe out there. Now, the 25-year-old American can be consumed in a new way: by GIF.

After Wayne Gretzky's daughter angered the golf community with her sexy Golf Digest cover, the magazine released a behind-the-scenes video, which showed the blond bombshell flaunting her toned body in a series of workout moves.

Thankfully, the guys over at Coed created a series of gifs from the video, which show Paulina's hottest moments.

But enough background info; you just want to see the Paulina Gretzky gifs. Here they are:

Paulina is a pro at holding a golf club in the air:

She can laugh on command:

Her squats are legendary:

All tremble when she swings:

Working out while clenching your stomach is a tough job:

Even her hair is perfect when she pretends to play golf:

Paulina wears the bikini, not the other way around:

She's an expert at smizing:

Hug that wall, girl:

She knows she's a goddess:

What pose, what balance:

Paulina's in her element:

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