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Peppa Pig Goes On A U.S. Road Trip, In Four New Special Episodes

Families stuck at home, try not to turn green with envy.

No non-essential travel during a pandemic? Sorry, not Peppa Pig’s problem!

The queen of kids’ TV is celebrating a decade of ruling the U.S. airwaves and giving kids across North America a British accent to boot, with a well-deserved vacation.

Starting on March. 5, Nickelodeon will air four new special episodes featuring Peppa’s road trip across the U.S., with her brother, George, and their oinky parents in tow, People reports. For Canadian viewers, “Peppa Pig” is available on TreeHouse, Netflix Canada, and on the show’s official YouTube channel.

Of course, there is no COVID-19 in the land of Peppa, so the lucky heroine will be living her best life, sans face mask and trotter sanitizer!

The plot is intergalactic: According to People, the pigs win a chance to appear in the Hollywood movie “Vegetables In Space” and trek to Tinseltown to assume their blockbuster roles.

Here’s how we think Canadian families will feel watching the four-part mini-series:

Kids who’ve watched every single episode of every cartoon ever made ― thanks to the great pandemic screen-time amnesty ― will go ham for the new Peppa content:

And they’ll be happy as piglets in poop, watching their favourite barnyard fam go sightseeing in U.S. destinations like the Grand Canyon, L.A. and New York:

Meanwhile, their frazzled parents may not exactly be hog wild about the fact they have to sit trapped at home and watch Peppa’s family go wherever they want, without a care in their cartoon world about COVID-19:

Everyone might feel like reminiscing over fond family vacation memories from the before times. Will we ever be able to frolic on beaches again?

But later, moms and dads across North America may go berserk from having to listen to their kids speak like Peppa for weeeeeeeks on end, while everyone’s stuck indoors together:

Peppa and her family won’t have to worry about standing in takeout-only lines, six feet apart, on their trip of a lifetime. They will sit on actual chairs at tables inside restaurants and try delicious new dishes, like classic American diner food:

Meanwhile, kids watching at home will be less excited about eating their parents’ cooking for the 1,245th time. Not that swill again!

And when kids complain about not being able to walk around without a face mask like Peppa and her family in TV land, parents may have to shut them down with three words that pretty much sum up life right now in the real world:

If your family feels ready to go whole hog on Peppa’s road trip, be ready to tune in on March 5.

Until then, parents can take heart/be driven up the wall with reruns, especially episodes that may be more relatable for our perpetual stay-at-home life.

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