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New Bodyform Period Ad Uses Actual Blood And It's Amazing

Because nobody bleeds blue liquid.

The days of blue liquids on sanitary pads and women running around in white dresses are over — this is the period commercial we've been waiting for.

A video released in May and uploaded on YouTube by U.K.-based pad/liner/tampon maker Bodyform, is a new way of looking at menstruation, and well, blood.

The 1:22 minute advert shows fierce and fearless women getting bloody — through their injuries. From falling off mountain bikes to bloody feet after ballet to even get knocked out in the face, the ad makes the point that blood shouldn't have to be disgusting or a taboo. In fact, the video notes, "no blood should hold us back – and periods shouldn't stop us from keeping fit."

And while ads for tampons or sanitary pads have been quite similar over the years, there is definitely a recent movement to be more open around the stigmas surrounding periods altogether. In an interview with Huffpost Rise, Miki Agrawal, CEO and co-founder of the Thinx period-proof underwear, talked about the history of sanitary products and why standing up against period shaming, for example, is a way to fight for women's rights.

Canadian poet and artist Rupi Kaur also wrote freely about why period blood makes some people uncomfortable, while in 2015, one woman ran a marathon without a tampon to fight these same taboos. It's time to stop being grossed about menstruation. Period.

According to Stylist, the Bodyform ad also touches on the importance of exercising and playing sports on your period (hence the visuals), and how their own survey found 41 per cent of women said their periods had a negative impact on their performances.

Watch the full ad in the video above.

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