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Pest-Proof Your House With These Easy Tricks

Bugs won't bug you any longer.

There are few universal opinions we all share, but many of us can agree on this: bugs are kind of the worst, right? Neat to see in Pixar films, kind of cool in nature documentaries, but ultimately please keep them away at all times.

To keep bugs from bugging you, pest-proofing your home is necessary to take care of ongoing conniving colonies and to prevent future pests from popping up. Check out the video above for Sam Champion's tips for banishing insects from your humble abode. And if you're squeamish, there are always natural remedies that work as gentle deterrents for pests.

One way to take care of pest problems is sweeping up mulch lying near your house's perimeters. Used as fodder for nesting, bugs and rats trying to escape harsh weather conditions will use those areas to slip through cracks and enter your temperature-regulated home.

Those pesky cracks, which provide easy gateways to your home, should be sealed up. Every small inch counts, since cockroaches can slip through quarter-sized cracks and rats can squeeze through dime-sized holes.

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