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PETA Uses Stella McCartney, Penélope Cruz To Protest Toronto Fashion Week (GRAPHIC VIDEO, NSFW PHOTOS)

Warning: The video above contains graphic images

Never in our wildest dreams did we envision seeing a) Stella McCartney and Penélope Cruz and b) PETA at Toronto Fashion Week.

But that's reportedly what's set to happen as the tents at David Pecaut Square open up for North America's second largest week showcasing fashion and beauty trends. And, OK, so the starlets won't be showing up in in person, but they will leave a long-distance mark.

Update: PETA protesters had a presence outside the tents on opening night, and are set to continue their campaign throughout the week.

As models, designers and buyers arrive at the shows, they will reportedly be greeted by a very graphic looped video featuring clothing designer McCartney. The video is PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment Of Animals) new "exposé of the leather industry" and features some images of the way animals may be treated when used for fashionable purposes.

In between flashes of animals being skinned and slaughtered, McCartney discusses her choice of fabrics in her fashion, stating she avoids all animal skins. She also makes a plea to fashion lovers: "Please join me in exploring the huge variety of fashionable shoes, belts, purses and wallets that aren't the product of a cow's violent death."

PETA reps will also be on hand passing out leaflets featuring actress Penelope Cruz and the slogan "Give Fur the Cold Shoulder."

The organization has long been known for some of its daring and graphic ads -- and the way they approach fashionistas at shows (they've, in the past, doused attendees wearing fur in red paint). Reps on-site say the video and leaflets will be sent to any designers who -- during Toronto Fashion Week -- use leather or fur in their collections.

Which got us thinking, are you a fan or foe of fur? Let us know below.

See some of PETA's most memorable anti-fur ads in the slideshow below (WARNING: Some images may be considered EXPLICIT and NSFW).

PETA Anti-Fur Ads
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