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Peterson Farm Bros LMFAO Parody 'I'm Farming And I Grow It' Goes Viral (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'I'm Farming And I Grow It'

Few songs have inspired as many covers as LMFAO's insanely catchy "Sexy And I Know It" (sit down Carly Rae Jepsen fans). The latest one to catch our eye has the Petersons, a family of Kansas farmers, doing an agricultural take on the song.

Their video "I'm Farming And I Grow It' contains such apt lyrics as "This is how I roll, I feed the cattle till their stomachs are full / Treat em right, that's my belief, / What's for dinner? I say beef!"

The video was the brainchild of Greg Peterson, 21, the oldest of the Peterson kids.

He recruited his two teenage brothers, a younger sister and his mom to help shoot and edit the video, he told the Salina Journal.

As of Wednesday evening the video has already clocked 300,000 views. Of course, the Petersons were beat to the punch by a group of dairy farmers in Sussex, New Brunswick, whose version of the LMFAO song also got thousands of views. But we think there's room on the internet for more than one farm-parody of an LMFAO song.

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