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Photographer Allegedly Says No To C-Section Shoot Because It's 'Not Birth'

"A surgery isn't birth, my dear."

One woman's birth experience allegedly turned into a shaming nightmare.

Posted through a series of texts via Facebook, the woman wrote:

"I didn't 'opt' for anything but alright. I had no idea birth photographers discriminated people for how they birth their babies but that's good to know. Have a nice day."

In return, the photographer had the most shaming response.

"A surgery isn't birth, my dear. You aren't giving birth. You are having a surgery to remove your baby from your abdomen. That is not birth no matter how you swing it and I for one don't want to be there to take pictures of it."

The texts continued:

"If you decide to give motherhood a go from the get and have an actual birth let me know and we can schedule your session."

And although the woman didn't reply back, the texts from the photographer went on.

"This motherhood job is hard, if I were you I would think twice about starting such a job by cutting corners so early in the game."

After her screengrab went viral, several people on Sanctimommy chimed in.

"This photographer would need surgery to remove my foot from their ass," one user said.

"So csection babies don't have birthdays then I guess, since they are never born," another user joked.

Others also shared their own experiences.

"My 18 hours of induced labor with no epidural that resulted in an emergency c-section really allowed me to stay relaxed before my baby was born. I'm so glad I chose to cut corners and take the easy road," one mom wrote.

"Cutting corners? I WISH I could have birthed my baby and been at Target the next day like some of the other mothers I see. But no, I had my baby surgically removed and then I couldn't get out of bed for 2 weeks because of complications, then I could even hold my baby for weeks afterwards, couldn't drive for 8 weeks. But yeah, I took the easy way out."

C-sections typically occur if women had the same procedure before, if their baby is in a "bottom-down" or breech position or if the mother has medical conditions like heart disease or diabetes," Baby Centre U.K. notes.

"Occasionally, something happens during labour which means a baby needs to be born by emergency caesarean. In this case, your medical team will take you to theatre in good time to make sure you and your baby stay well. The urgency of the situation will determine how quickly this needs to be."

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