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So THAT'S what a post-apocalyptic (yet jolly) city might look like.

At sunrise on Christmas morning, John Bentley grabbed his camera, hopped in his car, and drove to Vancouver's Burrard Bridge.

The area would usually be buzzing with screeching brakes, honking horns, and the hum of busy people with places to be.

But that morning, it was silent and empty — just what Bentley wanted for his photoshoot.

"I remembered a story about a photographer who shoots downtown streets at dawn on Christmas morning. He figured that there are fewer cars on the road than at any other time of the year," the photographer later wrote on his blog.

"Sure enough, I had just about every street to myself, apart from the occasional cab and a handful of committed joggers and dog walkers. I can park anywhere. Jaywalk as I please. Stand in the middle of intersections with impunity."

Check out the eerily peaceful photos of the empty city below.

Burrard Bridge
Lions Gate Bridge
Downtown Core
Hornby St.
Hornby St.
Sunrise at the Lions Gate Bridge

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