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Photoshop Fail: Zeagoo On Amazon Ruins Models' Bodies (PHOTOS)

Hey Zeagoo, if you're going to Photoshop a woman's body to fit your clothes, at least do it properly.

Often, when we see Photoshop fails, there are usually one or two things off about the model in question. But this time, we're not even sure where to start.

The online store, which is available on Amazon (and a few other retailers like Nordstrom, eBay and Sears), has been able to botch almost every single model on their site. And we're not talking about a few disfigured arms or legs, but rather missing body parts, "shaven" body parts and body proportions that don't make any logical sense.

The photoshop fail was first spotted by site PS Disasters. According to The Gloss, models were made to look curvier, but with incredibly tiny waists and arm sizes that don't even look human. Jezebel points out the models, especially this one, looks like she had been a tragic victim of the blur tool, but we're wondering if these designers knew how to use Photoshop at all.

Selling everything from club wear to bathing suits to bodycon dresses, the shop on Amazon has all kinds of fails. Our favourite? This women's one-sleeve bandage high waisted cropped one piece bodycon dress (what a mouthful!) that is not only shows a terrible Photoshopping job, but also includes Beyonce's head on the model!

Check out some of the fails below:

Check out some other photoshop fails below:

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