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Pilsen Time-lapse Captures The Beauty Of Plzen, Czech Republic (VIDEO)

The city of Pilsen is mostly known for its famous beer but also has some lovely scenery to boot. So, what does fourth-most-populated city in the Czech Republic look like? Well, according to Andrew Borisiuk, it's a mix-and-match swatch of brick buildings with a collection of rooftops that resemble a painter's pallet. Then there are the classic cobblestone streets. Oh, and let's not forget the stunning synagogue.

There's more, but Borisiuk, a freelance cameraman from Belarus, does a better job showcasing the Czech Republic city's beauty in his time-lapse. The entire video is just over 90 seconds but highlights some of Pilsen's stunning architecture that Borisiuk encountered during his four-day trip back in February. Mobile readers can see the video here

For years, travellers have come to Pilsen, or Plzen, as it's known to locals, for tours of the Plzeňský Prazdroj brewery. The brewery is known as the birthplace of the city's first pilsner and is a cornerstone of Pilsen's proud brewing history. But tasty suds aren't all the city has going for it. Pilsen is also home to a wide collection of museums and music programs, notes the Lonely Planet.

The city's also been in a clean-up mode in the last few years, capitalizing on its collection of Gothic architecture as a new means of attracting tourists, reports the New York Times.

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