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Planning A Bachelorette Party? Follow These 10 Tips

10 tips for throwing the best bachelorette party ever. From the AOL Partner Studio

A bachelorette party is a very important celebration for a bride. Just look at the film Bridesmaids and all the chaos that ensued while planning the perfect party. If you're assigned the task of organizing your friend's bachelorette like Annie (Kristen Wiig) was, be sure you make it the best celebration Pinterest has ever seen. In partnership with Hilton, we list 10 tips for the perfect bash.

Ask The Bride What She Wants

If your friend is the type who'd want a relaxing weekend that includes cocktails by the pool, don't plan a skydiving adventure. If she isn't the partying type, book a relaxing spa weekend instead. The whole bridal party may be in tow, but this celebration is for the bride -- spoil her and her alone.

Stay Local

Sure, Vegas is fun, but you will save hundreds of dollars and countless hours if you keep your party local. Book a room in a hotel like Hilton and unwind in a luxurious suite with your gal pals after a night out on the town.

Solidify Your Guest List

Figure out who is going ahead of time. Will the extravaganza involve the extended family or will it just be the bridesmaids? Asking the bride who she would like invited will help you avoid some awkwardness later.

Know The Costs

Give each member of your group a rough estimate of what everything will cost. Allow them the time to save for the trip or respectfully decline your request if a bachelorette celebration doesn't fit in their budget this year.

Maid Of Honour: Feel Free To Delegate

If you're planning the party, give people things to do. If you're a guest, step up and make yourself useful. The only one not doing anything should be the bride.

Dietary Restrictions

If the group mostly consists of vegetarians, don't make a reservation at that steakhouse! If no one actually drinks wine, maybe nix the wine bar idea. Just make sure everyone has a good time and a full stomach.

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

The restaurant lost your reservation? Have some drinks at the bar and wait for a table. Someone's running late? They'll catch up on the conversation when they get there. Don't let mixed up plans ruin the night. All of her closest friends will be around, and that's the most important thing.

Coordinate Taxis Or Ubers

That way, when you're ready to head out to your next destination, your cars will be waiting for you outside. This also means you can drink freely as no one needs to be the designated driver. If you're staying at Hilton, you can easily order your Uber through the HHonors app.

Bring Multiple Outfits

You'll likely need one for going out, one for lounging around, and one for brunch the next morning. Overpacking is allowed in this instance.

Be Accountable And Smart

Make sure your friends have your back and know when you've reached your limit. Sure, it's a celebration, but nothing brings the party down like having to tuck in at 9 p.m.

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