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Plus-Size Halloween Costumes That Will Get You In The Spooky Spirit

So. Many. Costumes.

Shopping for plus-size Halloween costumes doesn’t have to be scary.

But we get it: trying to find a unique costume year after year can be a bit intimidating, even when one is not vying for “best dressed” at the office Halloween costume contest.

So, we’re here to take some of that stress away. Check out our favourite plus-size Halloween costume ideas below. Let’s do this!

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Olympic Goddess

You’re already a goddess (but you knew that, right?) so why not let people know it by wearing this cute and comfy Grecian gown?


This costume actually has two-in-one value. Not only is it a Halloween costume but you can wear it at Christmas, too. The kids in your life will love it!


Isn’t it everyone’s dream to one day own a lightsaber? Just us? Well, all you “Stars Wars” fans out there have it easy on Halloween. Just get yourself the lightsaber, throw on a sandy-coloured robe over black pants and boots and call it a day.

Flapper Girl

Channel your inner Lady Mary (if Lady Mary were allowed to wear a dress that showed that much of her arms) in this updated (read: sexy) “Downton Abbey”-themed flapper girl dress. Not included: Mary’s withering stare.


Are you tired of living in the hot mess that is the 2010s? Go back to a more simple time when ... actually, the ’60s were garbage fire, too. How about this: pretend you’re an extra for “Austin Powers” and that the world isn’t about to end because of climate change.

Dave the Minion

It’s cute. It’s easy. The kids will love it. ’Nuff said.

Fred Flintstone

Yabba-dabba ... you know what comes next. Look, if we could get away with wearing this every day, we would. #Muumuufashion.


This is a relatively simple costume to put together if you don’t want to buy the outfit. The real fun will be the accessories, though. Will you tote around “The Monster Book of Monsters” or will you keep a gigantic spider on your shoulder? And what about Norbert??

Riverdale Vixen

Hot Topic

Sure, one could argue that being a cheerleader for Halloween isn’t that creative but ... who cares? At least you’d be going as a Riverdale Vixen cheerleader, which has to mean something, right?

Ghost Buster

Costume Supercentre

If we could wear this badass outfit every day, we would. Actually, we just might. (Sorry, boss.)

The Beast

Costume Supercentre

The only thing that’s missing from this costume is Celine Dion singing her heart out. Make that happen, folks.


Costume Supercentre

Truly, this is a costume we wish we could wear to work. All we’d need is Jeff Goldblum beside us saying things like, “Life finds a way” and “Heh heh heh hrr rrr, heh heh heh huh!”

Wonder Woman

Costume Supercentre

We bet you will feel extra powerful when wearing this costume. Just don’t forget your golden Lasso of Truth!

Frankenstein’s Monster

Costume Supercentre

This costume will be great because you can be the jerk who says “I’m Frankenstein’s monster, not Frankenstein, you idiot.”


Party City

If you don’t want to talk to anyone on Halloween, wear this. Seriously, everyone is afraid of clowns. This costume is basically a people-repellant.

Joker’s Wild Skeleton

Party City

This is the stuff nightmares are made of. And we LOVE IT.

Blackheart Pirate

Party City

We love that this costume goes a bit above and beyond your average “sexy pirate” look. It’s really the striped pants and vest that make it cool.


Party City

Bonus points if you can imitate Christian Bale’s Batman voice. “WHERE IS HE??”


Party City

One of the greatest things about this costume hands down is the hair. Anime hair is THE BEST.

Captain Marvel Starforce

Party City

Alternatively, this costume could be a “straight-from-the-runway” look if you want to re-use it next year.


Party City

Please don’t use this costume as an excuse to pick up people because you’re “blind.” Just don’t do it.

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