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Pop Music's Saddest Songs About Car Crashes


For songwriters, there's something especially enticing and gruesome about a vehicular crash. From the sweet-sounding drag-race death tunes of the '60s to the real-life account of Kanye West's life-threatening accident in 2002, pop music is filled with cautionary tales about how not to behave on bikes, in cars, and around railway tracks.

For an alarming number of people, though, those catchy tragedies are a gruesome reality. Six people die on Canadian roads every single day, according to the Canadian Council of Motor Transportation Administrators. Many more face life-changing injuries.

In an effort to memorialize those people, and to bring greater attention to road safety in general, the CCMTA has declared November 21 National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims. So in honor of that day, we've assembled 11 of the most heartbreaking and harrowing songs about car crashes ranging from The Shangri-Las to Bruce Springsteen to Radiohead.

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