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Poutine Latkes Are A Hanukkah Food For Absolutely Everyone

Poutine Latkes Are The Only Logical Dish For Hanukkah

As Hanukkah, the "Festival of Lights," approaches on Dec. 16, we think it's an apt time to celebrate the holiday's other, little-known name: the Festival of Oil.

Thanks to its focus on keeping candles lit for eight days due to miraculous olive oil, foods traditionally served at Hanukkah tend to revolve around the deep-fryer, and one food blogger has come up with a completely brilliant way to Canadianize the tradition for all to enjoy.

Chanie, the blogger behind Busy in Brooklyn, has put together a recipe for poutine latkes for the holidays that not only look amazing, but are kosher to boot (in Jewish food laws, dairy and meat can't be mixed). So you know what that means? This is perfect for your vegetarian friends too!

The gravy is Parmesan and soy sauce-based, while the latkes are tiny, adorable, dippable versions of the bigger potato pancakes often served at the Hanukkah table. And though Chanie didn't use real cheese curds because of their lack of availability in the U.S. (she shredded mozzarella instead), we'll forgive her on the grounds that this looks so darn delicious. Don't forget your napkins!


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