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Poutine Recipes: 15 Meals Inspired By International Cuisines

15 Worldy Poutines That Will Make Any Canadian Salivate

It may be the bread and butter, or should we say fries and gravy of Canada, but these internationally flavoured poutines may just be the next best thing.

We all know the basics of poutine: it's made with fries, gravy and cheese curds and apparently originated in Quebec. Not only is it one of the most Canadian things about the Canadian food scene, it also makes a great late night meal after a night of heavy boozing. Earlier this year, it also got its rightful place in the Merriam-Webster dictionary — about time, world!

But as much as we love poutine here, we're always looking for new ways to upgrade it, spice it up and of course add different ingredients. We've rounded up 15 mouthwatering poutine recipes including a curry poutine, kimchi poutine and one made with sweet potato fries and miso gravy that we're considering having for dinner tonight. Hungry yet? Check out the recipes below.

The Kimchi Pountine

How To Make Your Poutine More Exciting

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