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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Is Also The Selfie King Of Canada

It's basically the new Canadian passport.

Instagramming selfies with world leaders like the dirty millennial I am.

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My daughter got to a grab a pic with our new PM today! #SunnyWays #trudeau2015 #mommydaughter #canpoli

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A good chunk of Canadians finally got a selfie-op with our new prime minister, almost right after he was officially sworn in.

Following the ceremony at Rideau Hall, Justin Trudeau headed out to meet the public and their mobile phones.

Trudeau has become well-known for his willingness to pose for pictures with Canadians over the course of his various campaigns. He has probably posed for more selfies than most movie stars do on any given red carpet. And they’re all over the Internet.

This election was even dubbed, “The Selfie Election” by Diane Pacom, a youth studies and political sociology professor at the University of Ottawa.

In the same article by the CBC, it was noted that NDP leader Tom Mulcair didn’t say no to selfies, but didn’t exactly wait around for them.

Stephen Harper has his fair share of selfies online, but his security detail was much tighter, so people couldn’t exactly crowd him for a picture.

But Trudeau dove into the waves of mobile phones willingly and consistently.

“It’s free advertising of the best kind,” former marketing head David Alston told Huddle, a New Brunswick-based new site. “It captures a permanent memory, one that is shareable on social media so it reaches well beyond that individual.”

Using this, among other techniques, Trudeau’s campaign imprinted on Canadian voters.

The Liberal party went so far as to sell branded selfie sticks as part of their campaign materials.

Now, the race has been won, but Trudeau is continuing to smile and pose with the people he now officially represents. Here are some from Rideau Hall:

Just our new Prime Minister and I. What'd you do today?

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So we're basically married. #PM23 #selfieStick

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It was nice to meet you Mr. Trudeau #primeminister #primerministro #premierministre #canada #justintrudeau

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When you meet the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada #realchange #itstrudeau

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Last one! This was just before we became best friends. #PM23 #justintrudeau #Ottawa

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