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Prince Harry Flew WestJet To Victoria, Because Royals Are Just Like Us

Did he like the in-flight pretzels?

In Canada, we have lots of small battles to get riled up about. Which Tim Hortons doughnut is best? Is Justin Trudeau’s beard a good idea? Which city’s residents are more insufferable: Vancouver or Toronto?

But, few things divide the nation like Air Canada vs. WestJet. And it looks like Canada’s newest, high-profile resident has taken a side in the great airline debate.

Prince Harry was spotted arriving in Victoria via a WestJet plane Monday evening, to reunite with wife Meghan Markle, who’s been on Vancouver Island with their son Archie. The pair are expected to settle in the area as part of their transition away from full-time royal life.

People have strong allegiances to either Air Canada or WestJet. And we all love the idea of a prince squeezing into the same uncomfortable airline seats as the rest of us, so people had a lot to say about Harry’s economical choice.

We have so many questions: Did he get to board in Zone 1? Did he get extra pretzels? Did he awkwardly fall asleep on the person next to him? Did the flight attendants sing the safety announcement for him?

WATCH: Flight attendant cracks up passengers with safety demo. Story continues below.

The royal family has been transitioning away from flying in private jets and military-supplied aircraft in recent years. At the beginning of his relationship with Meghan, the two flew Norwegian Air to get to Norway. But Norwegian Air is likely a bit different than WestJet Economy Plus.

It’s unclear if Harry chose WestJet or the airline reached out to the royal in a brilliant marketing move. In a statement to HuffPost Canada, a WestJet spokesperson gave a coy but standard response.

“As Canada’s favourite airline, WestJet is pleased to welcome all guests on board. For privacy reasons, we are unable to confirm details for any of our guests.”

Next thing we know, Harry and Meghan will be hopping the ferry to the mainland and indulging in the White Spot on board. And we all know Archie would love a Pirate Pak.

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