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Prince William's Wedding Night: 'I Slept For About Half An Hour'

Just because you're royalty doesn't mean you'll always sleep like a king -- particularly when you're getting married in front of the world the next day.

"[The crowds] were singing and cheering all night long, so the excitement of that, the nervousness of me and everyone singing -- I slept for about half an hour," Prince William reveals in an upcoming documentary about his grandmother for ITV1, entitled Elizabeth: Queen, Wife, Mother.

As People magazine reported, his mother Diana experienced the same problem before her wedding day, as noted in her biography by Andrew Morton, "They put me in a bedroom overlooking the Mall, which meant I didn't get any sleep."

While movies and books might attribute this lack of sleep to cold feet and potential regrets, in the real world, it seems that most brides and grooms run into difficulty snoozing the night before their nuptials. Twenty per cent of readers at reported less than five hours sleep, while many sleep specialists call out weddings specifically for their sleep-disrupting qualities.

Prince William's interview with UK journalist Alan Titchmarsh also revealed the original guest list for the wedding included 777 people neither he nor Kate knew, reports The Daily Mail -- and when William expressed his concern to the Queen, she instructed him to rip it up and start over again with his friends.

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