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Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Arrives In Edmonton For Exhibit

Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Arrives In Canada

The wedding dress worn by Princess Diana has arrived in Edmonton.

Arguably one of the most recognizable dresses in history, the white gown is part of a new exhibit, Diana: A Celebration, opening soon at West Edmonton Mall.

The dress was pulled from its crate Wednesday and will be just one of more than 150 artifacts featured in nine galleries when the exhibit opens this Saturday.

It’s the most famous wedding dress in the world,” Nick Grossmark, exhibit curator, told CTV Edmonton.

“It was worn by a person who became one of the most important women in the world.”

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Facts About Diana's Wedding Dress

Grossmark, along with fellow curator Graeme Murton, accompany the dress as it travels the world and are the only people permitted to touch it -- provided they are wearing white gloves, according to the Edmonton Journal.

In the months leading up to Princess Diana's wedding to Prince Charles, the dress was shrouded in secrecy, reports the Journal.

It was crafted by British dressmakers Elizabeth and David Emanuel and was fitted to Diana's exact specifications.

She wanted a fairy-tale wedding dress,” explained Murton to the Journal. “It had to have a big impact because (St. Paul’s in London) was such a large cathedral.”

While creating the dress, the Emanuels had the windows of their shop painted over and hired guards to watch over the trash and cart it away, so as to not leak any fabric details to the public.

"We hired two security guards to work in 12-hour shifts," referred to Diana using the code name "Deborah," and they held secret fittings and even two dress rehearsals inside the cathedral," David Emanuel told "The Today Show."

The dress still holds the record for the longest train on a wedding dress in royal history.

“When you come to the exhibition, you’re very lucky that you actually see the royal train completely laid out in the case,” Murton told CTV.

According to the Journal, Diana practiced for her wedding day by trailing six metres of cotton behind her, essentially recreating the weight of the train.

Diana: A Celebration, opens Feb. 9 and runs until June 9.

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