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Princess Jasmine Can Show Herself The World, Says Adorable Madison Jade

“You don’t need a boy to take you to see the whole world."

Young Madison Jade is all about women doing it for themselves, including Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin” because really, ain’t nobody got time to wait around for a boy to take them to see the world.

A day before the adorable four-year-old was going to see the live-action Disney remake with her family, her mom filmed her talking about the princess and posted the video on her Instagram.

“Jasmine needs to go see the world by herself because Aladdin just needs to stay there,” an animated Madison said from her carseat.

“You don’t need a boy to take you to see the whole world ’cause not enough space on the carpet so Jasmine can go by herself or Aladdin can go by himself,” she said in the video, which has garnered more than 66,000 likes on the 200,000-followers strong account.

You have been told, Jasmine.

Funnily enough, she could be considered one of the more “independent” Disney princesses. She stands up to Jafar for herself but also in defense of her father, she becomes the leader of the fictional Agrabah, she’s not easily swayed by others and in the end, she defies cultural and social convention to marry for love, not for social status or money.

Give it up for independent princesses!

“Aladdin” topped the box office its opening weekend, grossing an estimated US$86.1 million to take the top spot at the North American box office, according to studio estimates on Sunday reported by The Associated Press.

Its early success has propelled actors Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott into the spotlight.

Scott plays Jasmine in her first big breakout role, further emphasizing the Disney classic’s feminist undertones. In this remake of the 1992 “Aladdin,” Jasmine gets her own anthem for the first time, which hopefully did wee Madison Jade proud.

“Speechless” drives home the empowering message that Jasmine doesn’t need a man to be a great leader for the people of Agrabah.

Watch “Speechless.” Story continues below.

Scott/Jasmine belt out lyrics that include:

“I won’t be silenced

You can’t keep me quiet

Won’t tremble when you try it

All I know is I won’t go speechless

’Cause I’ll breathe when they try to suffocate me.”

It’s a fierce and powerfully sung anthem that was written by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for “City of Stars” in “La La Land.”

So thank you Madison Jade and Jasmine for leaving us speechless in the best way and for wanting to show the world a whole new world where women can take that carpet ride all on their own.

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