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Manitoba Sobeys Employee Shares Genius Trick For Opening Produce Bags

No need to take off your face mask!

While days of panic-buying and flour shortages are over, pandemic grocery shopping is still far from hassle-free. Canadians continue to ask themselves hard questions about the once mundane errand: Is it safe to go to a grocery store with a reported COVID-19 outbreak? What’s affordable on a pandemic benefit budget?

And how on earth are you supposed to open the produce bags?

The latter may not seem immediately concerning, but it’s a frustrating problem for those used to licking their fingers to help pry the thin, translucent plastic bags open. Unfortunately, it’s not the wisest choice, as it involves taking off your face mask and potentially spreading respiratory droplets.

Thankfully, a Sobeys employee in Brandon, MB has a quick and spit-free trick for opening a produce using only your two hands. Watch the video above to see the trick in action.

In the 20-second video posted on Twitter, an unseen employee gives the low-down on how their trick works. “The static opens it every single time,” they explained.

The tip would be wise to follow, as COVID-19 cases are increasing across the country. Manitoba has seen a rapid increase in new cases; this week, its provincial chief public health officer called Manitoba’s most recent prevention restrictions the strictest in place since the pandemic started, CBC reports.

If you’re unable to use both your hands, there are other ways to peel open the pesky bags: Some use fruit or vegetable label stickers. Others wave their hand under produce-section mist for some much-needed moisture.

However you open your bag, stay safe and keep your mask on!

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