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Purrmanently Sad Cat Will Always Be Sad (PHOTOS)

This Sad Looking Cat Will Be Forever Sad

Pictures of sad animals are always heartbreaking, but this permanently, or should we say purrmanently sad cat is just killing us — even though she's not actually sad.

Yes, what appears to look like a sad little cat is actually just a facial expression for a newborn kitten in New Orleans. Pictures of the cat, now called Purrmanently Sad Cat (PSC), have been on Imgur for the last four days and already have over 350,000 views.

“My roommate and I realized this one kitten’s sad face one day when we were watching them learn to walk around in my room," she told Global News. "She was waddling around and we looked at her and both just went ‘Oh. My. God. She looks so depressed! Perma-sad face!'"

But despite the itty-bitty face that makes you want to give PSC a tight squeeze, owner Herring says she's a happy cat.

"PSC is actually a very happy kitten despite her facial expression! She is currently cuddled up on my shoulder with her sister and one of her brothers taking a little cat nap! It's raining right now and she doesn't like thunder," she told the Associated Press.

And no offense to Grumpy Cat (and all of her fans), but we think we're ready for a new Internet cat meme.

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