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Putting Eggs And Raw Vegetables Together Could Boost Nutritional Benefits

There Is One Delicious Way To Make Raw Veggies Healthier

Eating a salad is good, but eating a salad with an egg is better.

Researchers at the University of Perdue are saying a cooked egg consumed with raw veggies can help increase carotenoid consumption. Most commonly found in tomato and tomato products, carotenoids like beta-carotene, lycopene, lutein and zeaxnthin are antioxidants believed to decrease the risks of eye disease and cancer in the human body.

In the Perdue study, scientists looked at the diets of 16 young men. a third ate a salad with no eggs, the second group consumed the same salad with one-and-a-half scrambled eggs while the final group consumed three scrambled whole eggs with their salads. In the end, the group that ate the most number of eggs in their tomato, spinach, carrot and lettuce salad reported an increase in carotenoid absorption, with ranges between three and nine times the amount of those who ate less egg.

Egg benefits are often debated due to the protein's high cholesterol content. But research has indicated that the cholesterol found in eggs has no effect on blood cholesterol and in fact suggests that eating whole eggs actually improves heart health.

Adding a little more egg to your diet can do a lot of good. Get inspired by these 14 egg recipes you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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