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Qantas Airways Sits Koala In First Class On Singapore Flight

Aussie Airline Sits Koala In First Class, Because Australia

You call that a flight? THIS is a flight!

One lucky koala sat in first class on a trip from from Brisbane to Singapore as Australian airline Qantas sought to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Singapore's independence.

The flight saw four koalas — Idalia, Chan, Pellita and Paddle — travel to the Southeast Asian city-state for a six-month sojourn at the Singapore Zoo, in an effort to strengthen ties between the nations, said a news release from Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

At least one of the koalas enjoyed the perks of business class on the trip, as it chewed eucalyptus and received a towel and a drink from a Qantas stewardess.

Sadly, the luxury wasn't expected to last for the spoiled marsupial, as all the koalas were set to spend the trip in the cargo hold, Today reported.

No one tweeted any photos of what service was like down there.


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