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Toronto Wore Its Raptors Uniform Proudly On #WeTheNorthDay

The national colours were red and white and black and gold. And purple.

This could have been your average #OOTD roundup — only it turns out that in Toronto’s downtown core on Monday, everybody was wearing the same, or variations of the same, outfit.

But reader: before you accuse millions of Torontonians of the most despicable crime in fashion (plagiarism), or pettily lament the death of originality, you should know that the truly ubiquitous style of the day made a lot of sense, considering millions of people were celebrating the Raptors’ first NBA title ever. Give them a break!

In case you weren’t one of the many lining the parade route in their Monday best, here’s our What They Wore roundup: Raptors Edition (Maybe you’ll get inspo for their next championship win).

Matt Hehn, Toronto
Connor Garel
“I’ve lived in this city almost 10 years now. So I wanted to show my respects with a little ode to the old school … Tracy McGrady is my favourite guy.”
Vanessa Sears, Toronto
Connor Garel
“This jacket is my brother’s, but I’ve owned this jersey since I was in high school. It’s like I’ve been holding onto it since then, just waiting for this moment!”
Shy Sutherland, Carla Sutherland, Nataly Bru, Malton, Ont.
Connor Garel
Shy: “My mom bought us these to wear.” Nataly: “We grew up together.” Carla: “We’ve known each other for 17 years!”
Just a couple of suits ...
Connor Garel
“These take a really long time to inflate …”
Nam Umego, Toronto
Connor Garel
“I tore a ligament playing basketball and had to get knee surgery. But, I’m still here.”
Katie Anderson, Toronto
Connor Garel
“I work down the street. I’m supposed to be on my lunch break. I wore this outfit to work, and then put on this jersey on top just for the parade!”
Aphatsalla Skounphong, Roma Razon, Brampton, Ont.
Connor Garel
Roma: “I just want to say: if you got it, flaunt it!”
Antoinette Camastra, Toronto
Connor Garel
Jason Segree, Toronto
Connor Garel
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