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Raptors Players Told Fans To Stop Cheering When Kevin Durant Went Down

The Raptors aren't afraid to keep their fans in check.

Golden State Warrior’s Kevin Durant has been off for the NBA Finals because of a serious calf injury during the Western Conference semifinals.

But the superstar forward and two-time NBA Finals MVP returned for Game 5 as the Warriors trailed the series 3-1 to the Raptors.

Misfortune struck for Durant in the second quarter when his leg injury acted up again and he had to leave the game. He was escorted off the court by by teammates Steph Curry and Andre Iguodala.

Raptors fans, hyped up by the intensity of the game, pulled a not-so-nice move and cheered as an injured Durant made his way off the court.

But the Raptors players were having none of it.

According to people at the game, several players on the team, including Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka and Pascal Siakam, told the crowd to stop cheering for a player facing a serious injury.

The crowd changed their tune right after, turning initially-taunting cheers to ones of support for Durant. Eventually, a solid “KD” chant erupted as the Warrior’s power forward made his way off.

It wasn’t the finest moment for Raptors fans, but the Raptors players keep on proving they are Canada’s finest.

In general, the Canadian fans have earned a solid reputation over the course of the series. Even Warriors coach Steve Kerr said they were too nice, even when they were trying to intimidate his team.

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