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Sitting All Day Really Is Bad For Your Health

It's not only back pain we're talking about.
Shot of a businessman rubbing his aching back while sitting at his desk in front of his computer
Shot of a businessman rubbing his aching back while sitting at his desk in front of his computer

Research shows that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to numerous health problems, but how bad can it actually get? Are we talking about temporary back pain or is the issue bigger than that? In partnership with Robax, we list the reasons why sitting is bad for your health.

1) Sitting for prolonged periods of time, day after day, can lead to organ damage and heart disease is just one malady that can occur. We burn less fat when we sit, giving fatty acids more of a chance to clog the heart. Are you standing yet?

2) Sitting too much can also lead to muscle degeneration, which may be the reason for your flabby abs. Leg disorders with scary names like deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot in a vein located deep in the body) and back problems can also be in your future.

3) Not only does sitting for prolonged periods of time damage you physically, it can lead to a foggy brain. Sitting too much actually impairs brain function and performance. When we move, we force our blood to circulate more in order to oxygenate our bodies. Simply taking a walk can help as the activity releases endorphins, which are the chemicals in our brains that help us feel happy.

4) A lot of our ­sitting happens at work. In an effort to multitask, we often work on a computer with a phone cradled between our head and shoulder while on calls. This contributes to slouching, neck pain and back pain because our spine is misaligned in this position.

5) Some companies encourage their employees to get creative in their search for an ergonomically-friendly workplace, as their ethos is that healthier employees will be happier and be better able to work at their full potential. Instead of sitting at your desk all day, try these techniques:

-Bring a yoga ball to work, sitting on it will improve your posture and help tone your abs in the process.

-Go on walks. Take a small break at work to walk around the office. When you get home, make it a habit to walk around your block.

-Make it a competition! Challenge your family, friends and coworkers to a walking challenge. There are devices that can now track your steps and show you who you are beating that day (or losing to).

Robax not only stops pain but also reduces back spasms by relaxing tight muscles. We have your back.

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