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Reese Witherspoon Pokes Fun At Homeschooling Woes On Instagram

Her son's been hanging out too much, literally.

The great equalizer among parents in this pandemic? Homeschooling!

No family is immune to this educational kryptonite (although some are faring better than others). Even members of the Royal Family sometimes hang their heads in shame at their own failings: Prince William has confessed to having his patience and lack of arithmetic skills tested while trying to teach Prince George Grade 2-level math.

Hollywood actor, producer, entrepreneur and mom Reese Witherspoon is also going through math struggles with her son Tennessee.

It seemed like it was going well at first, based on a quaint kitchen table candid she shared on Instagram last Wednesday.

But how quickly things change. By Monday the 44-year-old “Legally Blonde” actor’s student was bored of the classroom: Tennessee has taken to hanging upside down from Witherspoon’s kitchen counter and tables ― and even in her car.

“Home school is going great,” she captioned a post showing photographic evidence of this bat-like behaviour, followed by the “zany face emoji,” a.k.a. the universal symbol that no, no things are not going great.

Within 48 hours, Witherspoon’s brave face had cracked and she communicated this in the best way possible. In the vein of her celebrity calendar challenge, she uploaded a meme that captures just how goddamn hard homeschooling is to understand, let alone teach.

The moments she shared are beyond relatable for many parents, as was her latest post. Despite all the arithmetic hurdles, the proud mom of three could still add up her blessings and posted a double birthday tribute to both Tennessee and his big sister, Ava Elizabeth Phillippe.

It’s a good reminder that celebrating kids and their milestones will always come first.

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