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How To Create A Functional And Relaxing Living Space That Will Ease Your Winter Blues

We're going to be spending more time indoors, so a peaceful home is key.
Our mindset going into winter.
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Our mindset going into winter.

As winter creeps up on us, the reality of our pandemic existence means many of us are spending more time at home, so creating a comfortable and functional environment can make being indoors much relaxing.

Work with what you’ve got to organize and optimize your space, and include quality items that are built to last when necessary. Cultivate a gratitude mindset and appreciate your home for what it offers you, and use this opportunity to be more mindful about your carbon footprint.

Waste less, worry less and enjoy your home more with our tips!

Practice gratitude

This is fundamental to filling your home with joy. Although you aren’t living the lavish Drake life, appreciating the roof over your head is a positive way to influence the energy in your home.

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It’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of wishing for something you don’t have, and if that fuels your work ethic then have at it, but if it simply makes you feel dissatisfied then it’s time to let that go.

Begin each day with a few deep breaths and thoughts of gratitude for the first thing that comes to mind. Trust us, this simple practice will set you up for a solid start to your day.


A messy space makes it that much harder to think clearly, and with so much additional stress filling our brains these days, the last thing we need is more clutter, both energetically and literally.

Take stock of your belongings and consider what no longer serves you. Many charities are in need of donations, and as temperatures drop they could make better use of your stack of extra clothes, blankets, and bedding than you will.

Reach out to shelters and see what’s on their wish list and even organize a handful of friends to pick up the goods, clear out your homes and help your community.

A place for everything

Organization makes a world of difference when it comes to creating a functional living space, particularly if you’re sharing it with family members and/or working from home.

Walk yourself through your day and think about where everything you come into contact with needs to go. Consider that winter accessories need to be accessible and easy to put away — we love aesthetically appealing and affordable stacking options like these Colour Crates to get this job done in style.

A hook near the door to hang clean face masks, as well as a bag for used ones is a must — we keep the flow of sanitization seamless by using reusable mesh produce bags like these ones to collect our used masks, and popping them straight in the wash when the bag is full.

Make mindful purchases

If you’re on a first name basis with your delivery person it’s possible you’ve gone a little overboard with online shopping, and while we agree it’s important to have your necessities, we try to do our best to make purchases mindfully.

Choose quality over quantity when you’re in the position to invest and consider the item’s function in your home. A multi-purpose piece such as the Always Pan from BIPOC-owned Our Place, replaces eight conventional kitchen items and has a lower impact on the environment thanks to non-toxic materials.

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Easy Tips To Help Lift Your Mood

Investing in an air purifier like this one might be a worthwhile consideration particularly if you or your family members suffer from respiratory challenges.

Those of us suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) might look at a light therapy device like the Verilux HappyLight, which mimics sunlight to help improve your mood.

When you do shop consider what you want your money to support; your purchase can make a world of difference to an independent small business or a BIPOC-owned brand.

Reduce your waste

Being aware of our individual impact on the planet is important if we want to live mindfully, and there are several simple steps we can implement to lessen our household waste.

Consider buying pantry staples in bulk — you’ll spend less and the lack of packaging is better for the environment. Cleaning supplies can also be purchased in refillable containers — Saponetti, a Toronto-based delivery service, gives customers the option to purchase mason jars of their favourite detergent or soap which can be refilled and reused.

Shopping for food in bulk can help cut down your grocery bill and is low waste.
NataliaDeriabina via Getty Images
Shopping for food in bulk can help cut down your grocery bill and is low waste.

Tru Earth and Nature Clean make laundry detergent strips which eliminate wasteful packaging and take up only the tiniest amount of room to store.

Remember to separate your waste properly, composting your food scraps and coffee grinds, or if you’re a Nespresso fan, the brand will give you recycling bags to properly dispose of your pods which will then be separated, composted and recycled.

And lastly, growing your own herbs over the winter adds a touch of nature to your abode, lowers your grocery bill and cuts down on packaging waste, not to mention the satisfaction you get from lining the window sill with your horticultural bounty.

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