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'Remedy' TV Show: Enrico Colantoni Returns In Medical Drama (PHOTO)


For those of you waiting for Enrico Colantoni to reprise his role in the upcoming "Veronica Mars" movie, your wait is almost over; here's something to stem the tide before then.

The "Flashpoint" actor is set to star in Canadian-made medical TV drama "Remedy," a show that promises a distinctive "upstairs-downstairs" glimpse behind-the-scenes of a downtown hospital, with the Conner family at its core. The entire series is shot in Toronto.

"Remedy" follows Griffin Conner (Dillon Casey), son of the acting Chief-of-Staff (Colantoni) and brother to the strong and resourceful Sandy (Sarah Allen, right), an ICU nurse, and the highly disciplined, perfectionist Melissa (Sara Canning), a general surgeon.

Working “downstairs” alongside a cast of colourful characters, Griffin gets a new perspective on a world he thought he knew. "Remedty" is emotionally charged with a range of heated, humourous and tender moments of humanity.

The show is set to air on Global starting in Winter 2014.

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