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Remembrance Day Activities For Toddlers That Are Fun And Easy

Making poppies isn't the only idea on this list.
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Explaining Remembrance Day to your kids doesn't have to be complicated. At its heart, Nov. 11 is about donning red poppies in honour of fallen soldiers, those who have served in war, or are currently serving. But for little ones who aren't quite able to grasp this concept, there are always songs, picture books, and — our personal favourite — crafts.

The latter is particularly useful in helping toddlers learn about Remembrance Day because it introduces them to important symbols, such as the poppy and the dove, in a fun way.

So if you're looking for an easy way to start the conversation about peace, soldiers and war with your little one, here are 15 Remembrance Day activities to try out.

Cupcake liner poppies

Get the instructions:Laughing Kids Learn

Hand-printed dove for peace

Get the instructions: Mom Junction

Poppy suncatchers

Get the instructions: Red Ted Art

Paper soldier

Get the instructions: Fantastic Fun and Learning

Dove peace craft

Get the instructions: Proud to be Primary

Poppy wreath

Get the instructions: Mermaids' Makings

Bottle cap painted poppies

Get the instructions: Danya Banya

Dove of peace

Get the instructions: Education

Painted coffee filter poppies

Get the instructions: Happy Hooligans

Soldier puppet

Get the instructions: Glued to my Crafts

Poppy wreath

Get the instructions: Happy Ella After

Torn poppy

Get the instructions: Housing a Forest

Peace plate

Get the instructions: Grade Onederful

Paper plate poppy

Get the instructions: Happy Hooligans

Handprint poppies

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