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Revelstoke Road Painting Fail Near School Is Super Ironic

The explanation makes it a little better, but STILL.

The explanation behind this sign fail makes it less heinous, but only a bit.

A line painter in Revelstoke, B.C. is being roasted on social media after residents noticed earlier this week that new lettering near Columbia Park Elementary read "SCOHOL" instead of "SCHOOL," according to the Revelstoke Review.

#school#wtf#spelling#revelstoke .... you had 1 job.

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The stencils for the letters come in pairs, the city’s operations manager told Global News, and the line painter had accidentally positioned them upside down and backwards. The mistake happened on Tuesday, the city said.

So it’s not as if that person didn’t know how to spell “school.” But still, one would hope they would have spotted the mistake afterwards.

Some on social media pointed out the irony of such an error near a place where you’re supposed to learn how to spell.

“They should make them go to the school and explain to the students why they can't spell lol,” wrote Wanda Watson on Facebook.

Someone else referenced another, far more high-profile spelling flub from this week.

“Maybe he didn't have his morning covfefe?” asked Chris Piecuch.

The city told the Revelstoke Review Wednesday that the sign would likely be fixed that day.

Let’s just hope no children were confused.

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