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Richie Eisler, Extreme Rollerblader, Hits Vancouver (VIDEO)

In a promotional video designed to sell his own line of skates, pro-blader Richie Eisler careens around Vancouver, hitting all the city's well-known landmarks, and making those Sunday skates around Stanley Park look a little tame.

In the YouTube video, posted Nov. 12, Eisler cruises down the railings of the Granville Bridge off-ramp, leaps backwards through Victory Square and rides roughshod over the seawall with the confidence of a true daredevil.

But there's some relief for those who can only aspire to such athleticism: Eisler does indeed fumble from time to time, landing on his butt and laughing.

The Vancouver stunts do not mark the first time that Eisler has lit up the internet.

The extreme skater filmed a video in Barcelona, Spain in 2011 that showed him riding ramps and jumping off walls in popular locations such as Parc de Montjuic and along the waterfront.

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