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Richmond Racist Flyers Call On 'Whitey' To Save City From Chinese People

Another day, another set of racist flyers telling white people to take back "their" country.

Another day, another bunch of racist flyers pushing white people to take back "their" country.

Residents in Richmond, B.C. were shocked to find flyers targeting Chinese people in their mailboxes last week.

The flyers tell white people "the Chinese are taking over," and urges them to "save Richmond," alluding to foreign home ownership and neighbours who speak languages other than English.

White residents are urged to join the "alt-right," a misnomer used to describe white supremacists who reject mainstream conservatism in favour of white nationalist, xenophobic, and discriminatory policies.

Resident Rebecca Van Der Hijde told Global News she was "disheartened and sad that this was happening.”

"The hate spewed in the United States is not welcome here."

“I grew up here in a multi-racial city, in a multi-racial country. I married a multi-racial man, and we have multi-racial kids."

Dawn Michalak called the incident "horrible."

"Hopefully people just put it straight in their recycling bin," she told CTV Vancouver.

Kelly Greene told Richmond News that the community's residents "are each other’s neighbours, coworkers, and friends."

"The hate spewed in the United States is not welcome here," she said.

B.C. NDP leader John Horgan told Global "there is no room for these hateful acts in British Columbia."

Racist posters, flyers, graffiti aplenty

Earlier this month, racist posters with similar messages appeared on poles near a Toronto elementary school.

Last week, a mosque and a church were vandalized with racist graffiti in Ottawa — a day after the city saw three Jewish places of worship spray-painted with anti-Semitic messages.

And last month, flyers claiming to be for the Ku Klux Klan were found in bags of rice on B.C. doorsteps.

Richmond RCMP say they are investigating the flyers.

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