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Rick Mercer Bemoans Attacks On Trudeau In Liberal Leadership Race (VIDEO)

The CBC comedian took to the airwaves Tuesday night to bemoan the way Grit hopefuls are “starting to feast on one another” — in particular front-runner Justin Trudeau — instead of offering up big ideas. He called out both Marc Garneau and Martha Hall Findlay for their recent swipes at the Quebec MP.

“This is important in politics because if Justin does win, the other parties will need footage of Liberals attacking him if they want to destroy him,” he said during a rant on the ‘Rick Mercer Report.’

Mercer also took a pointed dig at other candidates who may be struggling to attract attention in a race featuring the son of a former prime minister.

“There's the woman with the hair like this and the woman with hair like that, and then the grumpy lady, the tall guy and the not-so-tall guy,” he said. “One other candidate George Takach recently dropped out and endorsed Justin, which is pretty cool because I think he's the gay guy who played Sulu on Star Trek.”

But it’s not just Liberals that have Trudeau in the crossfire.

Senior Conservative cabinet minister Jason Kenney has also entered the fray in recent weeks — something that “normally isn’t done.”

Kenney accused Trudeau of "ethical problems" for accepting public speaking fees while still sitting as an MP. He also suggested the Quebec MP lacks experience, in part because he was a teacher and hadn't “run anything” before entering public life.

“But really Jason Kenney shouldn't pull on that string because the only thing he did before politics was work as a lobbyist,” Mercer said. “And yes, while teachers may not be that popular, lobbyist is worse. That’s like two notches below puppy mill owner.”

Mercer suggests that Liberals should learn from New Democrats, who were able to keep “bad blood behind closed doors” during their leadership race last year.

But his biggest tip is for Trudeau, who recently announced that he was able to sign up 150,000 supporters in advance of the April vote.

“And my advice to Justin, yes school teacher is on your resume but so is punching Patrick Brazeau in the head,” he said. “Lead with that and then do yourself a favour and come up with an idea.”

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