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Mercer: Tories Don't Even Understand The Science They Silence (VIDEO)

"In Canada, the only time you hear about scientists now is when they’re being told to shut up or they're being shut down by a government who can't even begin to understand what the scientists are talking about."

Rick Mercer devoted his rant Tuesday to both celebrating the European scientists who landed a spacecraft on a comet last week and to criticizing the Conservative government for cutting the "pure science" that leads to such accomplishments.

Mercer cited the decision to abolish the Office of the National Science advisor, but the Conservative government has been criticized for a slew of other moves to cut and control Canada's scientists.

Some recent highlights?

- Criticizing a university biologist for talking to the media about a study conducted with Environment Canada on the environmental effects caused by the development of the Alberta oilsands.

- Cutting funding for science and technology by 3.3 per cent in the 2013-2014 year to $10.5 billion.

- Producing 110 pages of emails between 16 bureaucrats to prepare one scientist for an interview with the media that ended up never happening.

In Mercer's opinion, that's a shame, because Canadians "are as passionate and as curious as anyone else. It's our government that begs to differ."

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