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Rick Mercer: Unpaid Internships Are Supposed To Be Illegal (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mercer Really Hates Unpaid Internships

Rick Mercer came out swinging Tuesday night at employers who use unpaid interns.

The CBC host attacked a practice that was once frowned upon, but which seems to have become commonplace during the aftermath of the financial crisis.

"Working for free, by the way, is supposed to be against the law. Or it used to be," Mercer said. "Now it’s all part of the new economic reality."

But Mercer pointed out that not all internships are unpaid, highlighting those offered by the Prime Minister's Office. Mercer also highlighted that Tory interns were used to protest Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau earlier this year. Even when you get paid, it seems, the work isn't always so ethical.

Do you think unpaid internships are something we're just going to have to get used to? Or are they a deplorable practice that needs to stop? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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