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Rick Mercer Slams Conservatives For 'War' On Veterans (VIDEO)

Rick Mercer can't believe how the Conservative government treats veterans.

The CBC host, who has been a steadfast critic of Tory policy on veterans, eviscerated the government on his show Tuesday night for closing support offices and failing to show proper respect to those who fought for Canada.

Mercer singled out Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino for waging a "covert war" on veterans.

"So now with new vets, say from Afghanistan, when they’re injured or disabled, our government likes to give them a one-time lump sum payment, no fuss no muss, and then you’re on your own and don't call us, my friend, when the money runs out," Mercer said. "Remember our prime minister likes to fancy himself a bit of an economist."

He saved an even sharper jab for Fantino, who showed up late to a meeting with veterans and then stormed out in a huff soon after.

"The 88 year old who fought the Nazis, he managed to make it on time. The soldier from Afghanistan with the shrapnel in his brain, he managed to make it on time. Whereas Fantino, he was a no show." Mercer said. "Julian, you’re a public servant. Try acting like one."

Fantino apologized after the incident but later said he's "done nothing wrong." Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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