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Rick Owens Sends Models With Their Penises Hanging Out On The Runway (NSFW)

Women have gone panstless for years but now it seems as if it's the boys' turn, according to Rick Owens.

Guests at the designer's Fall 2015 menswear collection were greeted by a couple of male models walking down the runway with their penises hanging out.

One model was wearing a brown turtleneck cloak that didn't quite cover up his junk thanks to a tailored hole deliberately cut out around his crotch. (Quelle horreur!)

Chris Sengthong, an online fashion editor for the French gay magazine Têtu shared an image of the model with his dick on full display on Twitter (obviously, pic is NSFW):

The rough translation of his tweet is, "Next winter, courtesy of Rick Owens, we will be without sleeves, underwear and definitely dicks out."

Another model was also caught balls out while wearing a sleeveless black tunic with a massive cutout below the waist.

Although this may be shocking to some, women models have been showing their bare breasts, their butts and sometimes even their vaginas on the catwalk for years, so it's only fair that men get the same treatment, right?

According to the Independent, Owens was inspired by a French movie set in a submarine, which might be why he included those holes in the clothes. (Periscope-inspired, perhaps?)

The show also inspired the trending hashtags "DickOwens" and "Freethepeen" much to our delight.

More photos of the collection (again, photos are NSFW):

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