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Rihanna In Calgary: Bad Girl Pop Star Posts Photos Of Strippers At Club, Shows Up Late To Gig

LOOK: Rihanna Causes Trouble In Calgary

Rihanna's visit to Calgary over the long weekend caught a lot of attention, but many are not amused with the bad girl's antics.

It started when pop singer arrived in Calgary Thursday and posted x-rated photos of strippers on stage at a local strip club.

According to Daily Mail, Rihanna shared three pictures of the dancers to her Instagram account early Friday morning. The first photo showed three women dancing on stage in lingerie, the second was of a dancer fully exposed from the front and the third pictured a stripper bent over wearing nothing but thigh-high boots.

It's not the first time Rihanna has raised eyebrows with her Instagram photos. The star has been posting photos of herself in various states of undress for months, as well as posting similar photos from a strip club last year.

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And despite the fact that Rhianna deleted the photos shortly after posting them, concern has been raised from some who think the pop star broke privacy rules with the photos.

“We are talking about a club, a private club that you or I or anybody else including Rihanna — there’s nothing special about her under the law — don’t have a right to enter,” Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre expert Brian Seaman told Metro Calgary.

“We pay to enter this club and then we’re subject to whatever rules are in place at this club. If there are signs up that prohibit the taking of photos or recording of images, then, yes, those dancers’ privacy rights have been violated.”

Downtown strip club Boudoir Rouge, where it is rumoured Rihanna snapped the pictures, would not confirm the singer's attendance, but did confirm to Metro they do have a strict no-recording policy.

Several websites and blogs screengrabbed the photos before they were deleted and posted them to their sites.

And her bad behaviour did not end there.

According to the Calgary Herald, fans waited from more than an hour and a half Saturday evening for the pop princess to take the stage.

"Early into the eventual show she did offer a vacant 'sorry' — one befitting in sentiment the album she’s currently touring, Unapologetic — but with no attempt at an explanation, and yet that was supposed to be enough to placate the room," wrote the Herald.

“We had people sitting to the left of us that left before (Rihanna) even got there and people to the right of us that left halfway through," fan Sal Rena told Canoe.

“I would never spend money to go see her again.”

The rest of Rihanna's stay was less eventful. She delighted fans when she showed up at Chinook Mall to do some shopping Saturday, as well as stopping by club Ten X for an after party following Saturday's show.

"Fun times lastnight #cccertified," the Barbadian beauty captioned an Instagram from the club, after she left her mark on the club in the form of writing on a red wall.

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