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Rio Opening Ceremonies: The One Time A Sports Broadcast Was Better In Canada

It's like U.S. Netflix, but in reverse.

Americans don't always prefer Canadian broadcasts to their own.

But when they do, it's the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Twitter lit up with complaints about NBC coverage of the Games on Friday night, as people slammed the network's one-hour broadcast delay and a torrent of disruptive ads.

NBC was an hour late airing the ceremony because it wanted time to "curate" its coverage and provide more context for the ceremony in its broadcast, CBS Sports reported.

"These opening ceremonies will be a celebration of Brazilian culture, of Rio, of the pageantry, of the excitement, of the flair this beautiful nation has," NBC Sports chair Mark Lazarus was quoted saying.

"We think it's important that we are able to put that in context for the viewer so that it's not just a flash of colour."

Sure, NBC may have avoided that, but it couldn't dodge the anger that arose on social media.

Others actually suggested watching the opening ceremony on CBC, the official Games broadcaster in Canada.

Then again, CBC wasn't blameless either.

Let's make a deal, America: You can watch our Olympic broadcasts if Canadians can access U.S. Netflix without any trouble.

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