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Rob Ford Accused Of Calling Talk Radio Show, Goes Trick-Or-Treating (AUDIO, VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Rob Ford Accused Of Calling Radio Show To Defend Himself

AM640 host Bill Carroll made the accusation after getting a call from "Ian from Etobicoke" Thursday afternoon. Listen for yourself below.

Carroll, in conversation with fellow host Jeff MacArthur, says he thinks Ford is trying to disguise his voice but that his tell-tale cadence and phrasing gives him away. The caller hangs up when Carroll asks him if he is Ford.

If the caller really was Ford, Carroll says it gives a taste of the arguments we may hear from the mayor of Canada's largest city in the coming days and weeks.

1. This is a personal problem. Do you know how hard it is to fire someone from a union because they have a substance abuse issue?

2. I didn't know I was being videotaped.

The second argument is important because Ford has publicly maintained that there is no video of him smoking what appears to be crack.

Ford's lawyer, Dennis Morris, said Ford maintains that position and that police should actually release the video of the mayor instead of convicting him in the court of public opinion. Morris told The Globe And Mail it would be impossible to know what substance Ford is smoking on the tape.

Councillor Doug Ford, Rob's brother, spoke with AM640 Friday and reiterated many of the points made in the mysterious phone call and by Morris.

Ford and his councillor brother host their own radio show on another talk radio station, Newstalk 1010, a platform they have regularly used to address their critics in politics and the media.

The mayor was followed by reporters and photographers from several news organizations Thursday night as he took his children trick-or-treating in the suburb of Etobicoke. Ford wore his trademark Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey with the name "Ford" emblazoned across the back.

In video posted by Global News, Ford receives encouragement from a neighbour and asks the press to give him and his family room.

"You have no respect at all. I understand you have a job to do, but you have to give me a little bit man, I'm with the kids here, come on."

The mayor also reportedly took a tumble while out and about.

Not everyone thought following the mayor around with his kids was a good choice.

More revelations about the police investigation of Ford and his associates are likely to emerge Friday as reporters continue to sift through the hundreds of pages of documents on Project Brazen II investigation. Ford associate and occasional driver Alexander Lisi will be in court Friday on an extortion charge related to the video investigation.

The Toronto Star published a photo in its Friday paper of reporter Robyn Doolittle meeting in a car with Mohamed Siad, the man who reportedly showed her the infamous video. Siad was arrested during the Project Traveller raids in June and faces a number of charges, including trafficking guns and cocaine and participating in a criminal organization.

All four of Canada's largest papers -- The Toronto Star, The Globe And Mail, The National Post and the Toronto Sun -- all published editorials calling on the mayor to resign Thursday. That call has been echoed by a growing number of Toronto councillors. Ford said there was no reason for him to resign during a press conference Thursday and declined to comment on the video, arguing that the issue is "before the courts."

Ford is under no obligation to leave his position, even if charged with a crime. Municipal law makes no provision for his forced removal from office unless Ford is convicted and jailed for a criminal offence.

Do you think Ford can hang on as mayor until the next election in October of 2014? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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