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Rob Ford Admits He Smoked Crack: The Full Transcript (VIDEO)

In a scrum with reporters outside his City Hall office, Toronto's mayor said things that seem almost unbelievable from the leader of a major city. Read everything Ford said below:

Ford: "You asked me a question back in May, can you repeat that question?"

Reporters interrupt

Ford: "You asked me a couple of questions, and what were those questions?"

Reporter: "Do you smoke crack cocaine?"

Ford: "Exactly, yes I have smoked crack cocaine. But no, do I? Am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors. Probably approximately about a year ago. I answered your question. You asked the question properly, I'll answer it. Yes, I've made mistakes, all I can do now is apologize and move on."

Reporters interrupt

Ford: "All I can say is I've made mistakes, and you guys kept referring to alcohol, there was a couple of isolated incidents. There's been times I've been in a drunken stupor, that's why I want to see the tape, I want everyone in the city to see this tape. I'd like to see this tape, I don't even recall there being a tape and a video and I know that. So I want to see the state that I was in. But, that's exactly it. I don't know what else I can say."

Reporters interrupt

Ford: "So I wasn't lying. You didn't ask the correct questions. No I'm not an addict and no I do not do drugs. I made mistakes in the past and all I can do is apologize, but it is what it is, and I can't change the past and I can apologize to my family, my friends, my colleagues and the people of this great city."

Reporters interrupt

Ford: "I told you, probably, approximately, probably I'd say in and around about a year ago, but I don't know exactly. That's why I want to see, I want to see..."

Reporters interrupt

Ford: "I don't even remember after, some of the stuff that you guys seen me, the state I've been in, it's a problem. So, I want to get..."

Reporter: "Are you on crack right now?"

Ford walks away.

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