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Rob Ford's Day At City Hall: Two Apologies, A Joke About Getting Arrested, And A Dance Break

Alright, let's bring everyone up to speed about what's happening in Canada's biggest city.

On Tuesday morning, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was asked to apologize for suggesting, a day earlier, that members of city council were "corrupt." Though he retracted his remarks, Speaker Frances Nunziata said he needed to formally apologize.

"How about, 'I am so sorry,'" the mayor said sarcastically. "Is that as good as I apologize? Or, 'So sorry?' Which one do you want, Madam Speaker? Like, 'Super, super, super, super, super, super, super sorry? So sorry?'"

A little while later, Ford, who is currently under police investigation, pretended to be led from council chambers in handcuffs.

A little while later, Ford apologized to Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale, saying he never meant to imply the journalist was a pedophile during a televised interview with Conrad Black.

A little while later, Ford danced.

The mayor, Nunziata and a few others busted some moves Tuesday afternoon in what The Globe and Mail called a holiday dance break.

Around the same time, Dale confirmed that Ford's apology didn't go far enough because the mayor didn't retract anything and instead "blamed the media for its reasonable interpretation" of his remarks.

"His statement today didn't come close. I'm proceeding with a defamation lawsuit," Dale wrote on Twitter.

A little while later, Postmedia columnist Andrew Coyne tweeted the following:

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