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Rob Ford Wins Toronto Sun's City Hall 'Hottie' Survey

They say power is sexy. It appears readers of the Toronto Sun agree.

Mayor Rob Ford has been selected as the top male "hottie" at City Hall in a controversial survey organized by columnist Mike Strobel, taking 43 per cent of the 5,000 votes cast.

Ford easily topped his bodyguard, Mike Toolaram, and Councillor Adam Vaughan, who both finished with a little more than 13 per cent.

On the female side, chief city planner Jennifer Keesmaat easily won with 42 per cent, with Councillor Michelle Berardinetti taking 26 per cent and TTC chair Karen Stintz netting 16 per cent.

There’s no word on how Ford -- who is celebrating another big victory after council voted on Wednesday to back his Scarborough subway plan -- felt about the honour. But Vaughan did provide the newspaper with some snark.

"If Rob Ford is your readers’ idea of virility, they are out of touch with reality," he told Strobel.

Strobel’s survey follows the in tradition of the annual poll conducted by political newspaper The Hill Times to crown, among other categories, Canada’s sexiest members of Parliament. The hottest duo selected this year were Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and Conservative MP Michelle Rempel.

"Toronto is the sexiest city in the Great White North,” he wrote. “Surely our politicians and bureaucrats out-sizzles those in sleepy, inbred Ottawa," he wrote over the weekend.

"Haven't we all agreed that "Hottest People in ______" lists are creepy and gross?” the news site wondered.

Check the full results on the online poll in the slideshow below.

Winners Of The Sun's "Hottie" Survey

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