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Rob Ford 'Intoxicated' Just The Latest Gaffe (PHOTOS)

Rob Ford's Greatest Gaffes

From allegations that he grabbed a former mayoral's candidate's "ass," to reading while driving, to calling the police on reporters and comedians alike, Ford has had a tumultuous time in office.

Here's a look at Ford's greatest gaffes so far.


Rob Ford's Greatest Gaffes

Goodbye, Hello - In November of 2012, an Ontario Superior Court Judge ordered Rob Ford to be removed from office for violating Toronto's Conflict-of-Interest Act. The ruling stemmed from Ford's participation in a council vote to recommend he repay donations that he solicited for his private football foundation using official city letterhead. After weeks of uncertainty about who would replace Ford, the mayor won his appeal, allowing him to remain in power.

Football Follies - Ford's role as coach of a high school football team has repeatedly landed him in hot water. From a city bus used to ferry the team home after a reported brawl, to missed council meetings and court appearances, Ford's gridiron exploits have made headlines again and again. Despite the controversy, Ford has maintained that he's not giving up his other job to focus on running the city.

Winnipeg, Windsor, What's The Difference? - On a trade mission to Chicago, Ford infamously confused Winnipeg and Windsor, a verbal stumble that prompted chuckles on both sides of the border.

Falling Down - A video clip of Ford falling while attempting to throw a football at a Grey Cup event was quickly turned into GIF image that went viral.

Driving Mr. Ford - In October of 2012, a photo hit the web of Ford reading while driving. The mayor admitted to doing it, but refused to hire a driver, despite pleas from the police and political allies.

The incident was far from the first Fordian fail on the road. The mayor has also been accused of giving a motorist the finger while driving and has admitted that he pleaded guilty to refusing to provide a breath sample after driving under the influence of alcohol in Florida.

Unfortunate photo - A photo hit the web in September of 2012 of Ford posing with a neo-Nazi dressed in a foreign military uniform. Ford explained that he was unaware of the man's political beliefs. At least one major Jewish group said it was satisfied the mayor meant no harm.

Cut The Waist - For several months in 2012, Ford took part in a very public weight-loss campaign. Weigh-ins staged before the press meant the mayor had nowhere to hide, and after some initial success, he actually started putting on pounds. Ford admitted to giving up soon after.

Confrontation With Reporter - Ford called the police in May of 2012 and alleged that Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale trespassed on his property. Dale denied the allegations and said Ford approached him with a raised fist. Ford would subsequently refuse to speak with reporters from the Star or to co-operate with the paper in any way.

Calling The Cops On Marg - Late in 2011, Ford called the police after Marg Delahunty (Mary Walsh) and the crew of CBC's satirical show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes" showed up at his home. While other politicians have reacted with laughter when approached by Delahunty, Ford said the "ambush" at his family home crossed the line.

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